Qualified Wallet

MPC-based Cold Storage Solution: Qualified Wallet

Binance Custody uses the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography, eliminating any single point of failure to safeguard your digital assets.

key management

Distributed Key Management

Key shares are in air-gapped FIPS 140-2 compliant devices, distributed geographically


Threshold Signing Scheme

MPC mechanism requires M key shares signing, which N key shares must verify to validate a transaction. The whole process is taken offline.

decentralized storage

Zero Trust Security

Monitor all transactions and capture any unusual activity

app download

Simplicity: easy to use

Customizable role-based access. Manage addresses swiftly and securely through the Binance Custody app


Insured by Lloyds’s of London Syndicate

Bespoke insurance plan is available to further strengthen investor protection


Direct Access to Binance’s Liquidity

Seamless integration with the Binance ecosystem



Guaranteed within 4 hours (typically within minutes)





Each user has their own dedicated on-chain address for both deposits and withdrawals

Binance Mirror

Your tokens in our Qualified Wallets can be matched 1:1 to your Binance Exchange account

binance mirror

Direct access to Binance Exchange – the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency platform

Assets are stored in a dedicated Qualified Wallet on the blockchain. User funds are never commingled

Flexible settlement between Custodian and Exchange

Reduce counterparty risks via a trusted Custodian

No additional fees

Cold Convert

Trade directly from Binance Custody's cold vault

cold convert
Zero counter-party risk
Zero counter-party risk with instant settlement within your Binance Custody cold storage
Binance OTC convert rates with Binance liquidity
Trade at Binance OTC convert rates with Binance liquidity from your cold storage
Customizable slippage tolerance
Don't get surprised by execution prices - transparent pricing with your defined slippage limits